Spanish and English Assessments

Performing research-based, high quality evaluations in languages other than English can be a daunting task. Since the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires that school districts provide children with evaluations in their native language, this responsibility can be challenging when bilingual speech/language pathologists are not available.

Milwaukee Bilingual Speech/Language Pathologists brings to the assessment process specialized training and certification in Bilingual Speech/Language Pathology with an emphasis on Spanish-English bilinguals. Our bilingual SLPs are proficient in Spanish and are experienced in completing bilingual Spanish-English evaluations for children of all ages.

Public Schools: MBSLP’s vast public school experience ensures that our evaluation results follow the Wisconsin Department of Instruction’s Eligibility Criteria. Our familiarity with the IEP process helps our bilingual SLPs to write reports that are easily aligned with school districts’ IEP formats. We make recommendations to IEP teams that allow speech/language pathologists, parents, and other team members to easily implement our suggestions and begin working on IEP goals.

Private Schools: Students attending private schools are faced with unique challenges in obtaining appropriate special education services, frequently leading to students being underserved. MBSLP is able to assist private schools in accessing high quality speech/language assessment services. We are well equipped to evaluate students from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds.