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The SLP from Milwaukee Bilingual Speech/Language Pathologists was extremely helpful in determining program eligibility for our bilingual students. Her evaluations were thorough and efficient. She has strong interpersonal skills and relates well with students and staff. Her ability to communicate with parents and explain procedures, test results, and programming recommendations was invaluable. We would not hesitate to work with her again.
Speech-Language Pathologists at a school district in Dodge County

“I have had an SLP from Milwaukee Bilingual Speech/Language Pathologists complete a bilingual speech/language evaluation for several of my students who speak both Spanish and English. She is very easy to work with, and sets the families at ease. Her evaluations are very complete, and the reports are descriptive, allowing me to explain information to families easily and formulate goals for my students. It is very reassuring to have someone competent in both languages make recommendations as to whether or not a child needs speech/language services, and indicate the strengths and areas for improvement that are consistent in both languages.”
SLP at a suburban school district in Ozaukee County

Milwaukee Bilingual Speech/Language Pathologists is the first place I call for support with bilingual evaluations. The SLP I’ve worked with has completed a number of bilingual speech language evaluations for my school district. Her work is excellent! She builds instant rapport with students, their families and school staff. She is highly knowledgeable and provides compressive evaluations from which an IEP team can easily determine eligibility and appropriate services for students. She is also sensitive to the rapid deadlines for evaluation completion and has been there for our district in a pinch. Thank you!
SLP at a school district in Milwaukee’s north shore

The Milwaukee Bilingual Speech/Language Pathologists went the extra mile during the testing process to make sure that the English Language Learner was comfortable and in a familiar environment. My input was solicited as a teacher and I felt I was valued and appreciated. I was impressed with the detailed report, which I still use to this day. I continue to follow the suggestion in the report because it was so well written and easy to follow. The meetings with the Pathologist helped me see linguistically where my student came from and where we needed to be going.
Special Education Teacher at a suburban Milwaukee middle school

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